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RapStar Energy LLC

Lemon Lime RapStar Energy Drink (12oz)

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Lemonade and Lime. The perfect citrus blend.

RapStar Lemon Lime Energy drink is made from a blend of lemons and lime plus other natural flavors and ingredients.

We’ve found the right beverage producing partners, chemists, and manufacturers to help us eliminate the negative ingredients and fillers from our energy drinks, shots, and future supplements.

Each RapStar Energy Drink is contains 12 fluid ounces and comes available in:

Single Cans, 6-packs, 12-packs and 24-packs.

Provides energy and hydration

Features B6 and B12 vitamins, Taurine, and Caffeine

RapStar Energy Drinks helps you “Get the most out of your performance.”

Look for our Special Collectors Edition featuring Legends of HipHop

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    On The Road

    Whether you are an artist, producer or sound engineer, your ability to excel in the recording studio is critically important. RapStar Energy is formulated to help you give the ultimate studio performance.

    • Every Day Stamina

      No matter what your job is, get the most out of your performance. Whether you are a bartender or a chef. Or a ball player or a ref.  Anything you do needs fuel to keep you going.

    • Just One Drink Away

      You're just one RapStar Energy drink away... from the performance of a lifetime. Try our Mixed Berry RapStar Energy drink and unlock your creative potential.